Zombie Hunt Deck Tech (Modern)

With all the options in Modern and all the expense that comes with it, where do you start? Even a budget build of most decks can cost $200-$300. This was the hardest part of getting into the format for me. What if you only have $20? What options do you have? The answer was simple, Zombie Hunt!

Zombie Hunt, if you’ve never seen it before, is a deck based around two cards, Zombie Infestation and Treasure Hunt. The deck is janky, powerful, super fun, and will only cost you about $20 in paper or $2 online.

The Deck:

Zombie Hunt

Enchantment (2)
Zombie Infestation

Sorcery (4)
Treasure Hunt

Lands (54)
Reliquary Tower
Contested War Zone
Halimar Depths
Skyline Cascade
21  Swamp
17  Island

The Cards:

As you can see, we’re only playing six spells in the whole deck. The rest are lands.

Treasure Hunt:


This is the first part of our win condition. It allows us to draw cards until we hit a non land card.

Zombie Infestation:


This is part two of the win condition. It allows us to discard two cards and make a 2/2 zombie. Given that you’ve drawn lands with Treasure Hunt, you should be able to put out a reasonable horde.

Reliquary Tower:

reliquaryHaven’t found your hunt? Don’t want to discard to hand size? That’s why we have our friend Reliquary Tower.

The Lands:
halimar     skyline     warZone

The rest of these cards are utilities. Halimar Depths can let you look at the first few cards to make sure you don’t run your Treasure Hunt into another hiding a couple cards below, while Skyline Cascade can keep an opposing beater held down while you dig. Contested War Zone buffs all those zombies to 3/2s, making weaker hunts game-winning.

How to play it:

While Zombie Infestation can be drawn into, Treasure Hunt must be in your opening hand. I repeat, Treasure Hunt MUST be in your opening hand. So what does that mean if it’s not? You mulligan! And again. And then again, all the way down to one if you don’t have it.

Once you have your Treasure Hunt, the next piece of the combo is just a couple turns away (hopefully). While turn-two hunt is an option, I prefer to play it turn three unless I had a Reliquary Tower to drop. If you go hunting, and don’t find your zombie infestation, all those land cards end up discarded for no value. If you haven’t yet found Zombie Infestation, try, try again.

Once infestation has been found, the fun starts. My plan of action is to wait for the opponent’s end step and drop everything into the graveyard. Upkeep, untap, draw and swing. Victory is yours!

Possible Upgrades and Sideboard Options:

darkslick     underground     watery

Darkslick Shores, Underground River, and Watery Grave provide both colors of mana in one card, and most games will come into play untapped.  They also allow for turn-two Reliquary Tower into turn-three Contested War Zone. The many lands that come into play tapped are also an option.


Sea Gate Wreckage provides a last-ditch effort to dig if your hunt was countered, your infestation destroyed, or you need that one more zombie a turn.

faerie     spawning     tar

Faerie Conclave, Spawning Pool, and Creeping Tar Pit can also do some work, either as blockers or to squeeze in those last points of damage.


Boseiju, Who Shelters All is the final card in my list of upgrades, and the one that can quadruple the cost of the deck. In my opinion, this is one of the most underplayed cards in Modern, keeping instants and sorceries from being countered is a very powerful thing. If you want to make sure your treasure hunting doesn’t get disrupted, this is your best option.


That’s the deck! It’s likely the cheapest combo in modern. Sure people will hate when they lose to it, but it pretty much plays itself and can come out of nowhere to win against some of the more powerful decks in the format. It was the first Modern deck I built, and I keep my copy with me to play against the more casual players at my LGS or as something to test brews against.

What are your thoughts? Any interest in building it yourself? Any additional cards you think fit here? Let me know in the comments!