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seanSean Atwood
Twitter: @hoocairz
e-mail: sean@topdecklegends.com
Favorite Colors: 
Favorite Card: Simian Spirit Guide
Current Decks:
Standard – Remorseless Punishment Control
Modern – Mardu Burn, Mono-Red Creature Storm, Restore Balance
Pauper – Mono-Black Control, Mono-Red Burn
I started playing Magic near the end of summer 2015, just a few weeks before Magic Origins was released. Since then, I’ve delved deep into the game. Having a tendency to obsess over a few hobbies, Magic fulfills my cravings through it’s complexity. I often shy away from Tier 1 decks in favor of brewing my own. I enjoy the surprise associated with it, as well as making opponents read cards. Get ready for some jank.


facePatrick Keenan
e-mail: patrick@topdecklegends.com
Favorite Colors: 
Favorite Cards: Rancor, Restoration Angel, Frostburn Weird, Gideon Jura, Breakthrough, too many to name.
Current Decks:
Modern – GW Hatebears
Legacy – Fish
Pauper – Check them out (all paper)
Current Cubes: Core Set
My first MtG experience was a pack of Masques at the end of 1999, because I liked the art. I played kitchen table until Fifth Dawn, then picked up the game again in college and played more seriously starting with Scars block. I prefer Legacy, EDH, cube, and paper pauper, and I’ve been creating custom cards for years. I like brewing, drafting, and speculating over actually playing. I always draft aggro and tempo because slow, grindy matches feel like a waste of my time. I’m also a Level 1 Judge and really enjoy a good FNM – Magic’s greatest strength is its community!